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Please check your emails! The state fair performance is September 30th, Disneyland (by invitation only) is December 9th!

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Beginning: Entry level to that style of dance.
Intermediate: At least one year of experience in that style of dance.
Advanced: At least two or three years of experience in that style of dance.
You will be placed into classes based on dance experience. These are general guidelines. Final placement will be decided by the studio director. You may be in two different levels depending on dance style.

Beginning Combo 3-5 year olds: The perfect mix for beginner! With 25 minutes of tap, 25 minutes of ballet,  and 10 minutes of tumbling. Must be potty trained. Must have ballet shoes.

Combo 1: For dancers who just completed Beginning combo.

Combo 2: For 4-5 year olds who have completed Beginning combo.

Combo 3: Must be 5 years old and must have completed Combo 2. This class offers jazz/ballet and tumbling.

Beginning Combo ages 8-12: For the 8-12 year olds new to dance: 30 minutes of tap 30 minutes of ballet/jazz.

Ballet Classes: Dancers must wear black leotard and pink tights with hair tightly secured. All ballet placements will be determined by the ballet instructor.

Beginning Ballet ages 6-8: This is an hour class for the beginner. This is entry level ballet for our company dancers.

Hip-Hop/Jazz Funk: Dancers should wear comfortable clothing to move in. Hair in a pony tail and street/athletic shoes. Hip-Hop is a popular free-style dancing. Fun, high energy class that includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, popping, and locking. Jazz funk is the funky side of jazz and the jazzy side of hip-hop.

Core: This class is designed to strengthen the muscles used in every style of dance- THE CORE. Please bring a towel, yoga mat and exercise tube with handles to class.

Contemporary:  Dancers should wear dancewear that is form fitting. This class fuses classical ballet techniques with other styles to create a conglomerate of exploratory movement vocabulary known as contemporary. 1 year of previous experience recommended in jazz/ballet.

Tumbling: Tumblers are to wear dancewear they can move and stretch in with good coverage, hair in a pony tail and bare feet.

Technique: Dancers are to wear dancewear (please no baggy shirts). Hair in pony tail, foot undies or jazz shoes. Our Technique classes will help you master your turns and jazz technique through focusing on your movements through different dance combinations and across the floor work.


1058 N. HIGLEY RD. SUITE 101

MESA, AZ 85205




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